See our newsletter or the digital scrapbook for more about our activities! Members are welcome to upload their photos to the scrapbook.

Bethany church building from the corner of 12th and Thompson.

Sunday School

We're trying something different for Sunday School beginning in fall of 2015. You can read about it in our online newsletter, or blog.

Altar Guild

The volunteers of the Altar Guild serve by maintaining the paraments, candles, and setting the table for the Lord's Supper. This is not only a service for the present, but also an example and education for the future of our church, as younger people have an opportunity to learn from our volunteers the importance of this service and the way it should be done.

Our volunteers may find it useful to refer to the online service planner for parament colors and other details of upcoming services.

Church Constitution

Our current constitution was approved at the 2008 ELS convention. A few more changes have now been made to the bylaws with the addition of our school, and it will be submitted again this year to the synod. You may download it in Open Document Format. (MS Word users can open the file with this converter.)