About Us

We are a dual parish of evangelical, Confessional Lutheran congregations in the Columbia River Gorge. We are joined together because we share the same pastors, who serve both congregations. But more importantly, we share the doctrine of Holy Scripture (the Bible), which is summarized and explained in the Lutheran Confessions.

We are also joined with other Lutheran churches in the United States and worldwide by our membership in the Evangelical Lutheran Synod and the Confessional Evangelical Lutheran Conference.

Lutheranism is not merely a denomination, but a confession of faith. We believe and teach the same as the first Christians, because this faith still meets the needs of today's Christians.

What we believe forms the basis for the way we worship. Our worship is focused upon Jesus Christ as He is present for us through His Word and Sacraments. We worship the way many Christians used to worship, with both joy and reverence. We are a group of sinners who gather as often as we may to receive God's forgiveness. Other sinners are always welcome!