Resources for Christians, their Families, Churches, and Schools

Beside the other parts of this web site, here are other good things that you may find useful. You can also look for other pages in the Resources category.

  • Memory Work for Christian Schools and Homes A rework of a long out-of-print publication, updated to use a modern Bible translation and referenced to the Evangelical Lutheran Hymnary and the ELS Catechism. Now the PDF table of contents has been fixed, showing all chapters at once!
  • Simple Memorization Tool that probably works on your phone as well as your computer.
  • Spreadsheets and Word Processor documents for tracking tithes and offerings. These are in MS Excel and Word formats. If you don't use those programs, try OpenOffice office software, a large but free download. These resources were not made by or for professional accountants, and there are probably some improvements to be made. If you make any improvements, please consider making them available for everyone else.