This section holds things of interest mostly to the members of our churches, and are therefore hard to categorize elsewhere. Also see the other pages in the Resources category.

Service Planning

Our services must be planned ahead of time, and Pastor Jacobsen has kept the records of past services over the last few years. The amount of information has grown so great that it's been put into a database. As a side benefit, you can see it on the web. Here are two views of that information.

Personal and Home Worship Resources

Periodically we generate new resources for personal and home worship, based upon traditional practice of the Lutheran Church and the doctrine of holy scripture. You'll find them on the Home Worship page in this section of the web site.

Funeral Options

It may sound morbid to some, but the fact is, we are all preparing for inevitable death. One thing that helps to bring peace of mind is to make whatever plans are possible for that happy day when you enter eternal life. Pastor Samuel Gullixson has provided a document that helps with this, which has been modified for our churches. You can view it in any modern PDF reader, and even fill out the form right on your computer.

It's recommended that you fill it out on your computer, then save a copy with everything filled out. After that, print the document and sign and date it, and make it known to your family. Pastor will be more than happy to help you see it through. Using a planning tool like this, it's possible to make the occasion of your death not a celebration of this temporary earthly life, as so many try who have no certainty of God's mercy, but rather a proclamation of your victorious faith in Jesus Christ, to be witnessed by all who might otherwise only mourn your passing.


These are the announcements from the Sunday bulletin, upcoming events and information.