Daily Devotions

Please feel free to check out these resources for devotional material.

The Congregation At Prayer
This is a front-and-back guide for the parish and school to use in our family and personal worship throughout the week. We will try to keep it up to date from week to week.
ELS Daily Devotions
Here you can find a new devotion every weekday from our Synod.
WELS Daily Devotions
Here you can find devotions written by our brethren in the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS)
Daily Email Devotions
To receive twice-daily emails containing devotion texts from the Bible and the monthly Psalter. If you prefer an RSS feed, see the sidebar. For a Twitter feed with daily devotions and more, have a look at Bethany.Location.
Book of Family Prayer
This ELS-published companion to our Hymnary follows the same church year that we use in our services, and includes many additional hymn verses.
Advent Devotions
Based around the Advent and Christmas hymns of Paul Gerhardt, one of the greatest Christian hymnwriters, who lived in the 17th Century.