A Gem from the Large Catechism

I’ve been reading through the 1-year schedule in *Concordia: The Lutheran Confessions*. It’s helped me greatly to have a copy of this book in every place where I daily find myself doing work: at home, at the office at Bethany, and at Concordia. We’ve now put in our group order for this book, and I expect them to come by the end of next week at the earliest. You might possibly be able to get your copies next Sunday.

In any case, I’m going to paste a Large Catechism quote below from [another edition](http://www.bookofconcord.org) of the Book of Concord, to avoid having to type it in from the newer edition. The newer wording should be easier for us to read than what’s below. The numbers like “100]” below refer to the “paragraph” divisions in the Large Catechism which allow us to pinpoint the parts we are using. This is under the Third Commandment.

> 100] For let me tell you this, even though you know it perfectly and be already master in all things, still you are daily in the dominion of the devil, who ceases neither day nor night to steal unawares upon you, to kindle in your heart unbelief and wicked thoughts against the foregoing and all the commandments. Therefore you must always have God’s Word in your heart, upon your lips, and in your ears. But where the heart is idle, and the Word does not sound, he breaks in and has done the damage before we are aware. 101] On the other hand, such is the efficacy of the Word, whenever it is seriously contemplated, heard, and used, that it is bound never to be without fruit, but always awakens new understanding, pleasure, and devoutness, and produces a pure heart and pure thoughts. For these words are not inoperative or dead, but creative, living words. 102] And even though no other interest or necessity impel us, yet this ought to urge every one thereunto, because thereby the devil is put to Right and driven away, and, besides, this commandment is fulfilled, and [this exercise in the Word] is more pleasing to God than any work of hypocrisy, however brilliant.

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