More to read about the “Jesus Family Tomb”

I recently read a fairly gripping novel called *A Skeleton in God’s Closet* by Dr. Paul Maier. Though the book was written years ago, it depicts a situation vaguely similar to the claims made in the “Jesus Family Tomb” documentary. It’s worth reading, especially for a deeper understanding of the fact that we believe in the Resurrection of Jesus as an article of faith, not something proven by archaeology.

There are two scholarly responses to the present documentary that you may wish to read. One is by the same [Dr. Paul Maier]( on Jesus Family Tomb.pdf) and a longer piece by a professor at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, [Jeffrey Kloha]( csl/LostTomb.pdf). Both of them link to PDF files, which are suitable for viewing on screen and also for printing. Thanks to [Pastor Paul T. McCain]( for the links.