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I hope that the members of Bethany and Concordia already know my answers to these questions, but if you don’t, I welcome you to ask them. The following is Appendix II of the book [*What’s Going On Among the Lutherans*][wgo]. If you know anyone who may be concerned that their church ought to teach and practice according to what the Bible says, then you should discuss these questions with them. These questions focus primarily on the “liberal theology” (a somewhat technical term) that has been rampant in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America for some time now. Liberal theology is not the only thing that challenges biblical teaching and practice, but it is one of them.


> The following questions are provided to assist our readers in determining the theological position of their pastors.

> These questions should be asked exactly as worded. Your pastor should be able to answer them with a simple yes or no.

> 1. *Inspiration and Inerrancy* > > Do *you* personally believe that the writers of the Bible were so controlled by the Holy Spirit that they wrote exactly what God wanted them to write? > > Do *you* personally believe that the Bible contains no errors or contradictions? > > 2. *Creation* > > Do *you* personally believe that God created everything in six 24-hour days as recorded in Scripture? > > 3. *Adam and Eve* > > Do *you* personally believe that Adam and Eve were real, historical people? What about Jonah, Noah, and Job? > > 4. *The Words of Jesus* > > Do *you* personally believe that the Words of Jesus, as recorded in the New Testament, were *all* actually spoken by him? > > 5. *Miracles* > > Do *you* personally believe that *every* miracle recorded in the Bible was a real, historical event? > > 6. *The Virgin Birth* > > Do *you* personally believe that Jesus did not have a human father? > > Do *you* personally believe that the Bible and therefore the Apostles Creed contains myth? > > 7. *Deity of Christ* > > Do *you* personally believe that Jesus is 100% *God* and 100% *man?* > > 8. *The Trinity* > > Do *you* personally believe that the Bible teaches of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit — three Persons in one God? > > Do *you* personally believe in God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit — three in One — as is stated in the Athanasian Creed, one of the three great ecumenical creeds of the Christian church? > > 9. *Atonement* > > Do *you* personally believe that God took his anger for our sins out on Christ — that he was the final blood sacrifice that *appeased* God’s *wrath* and bought the forgiveness of our sins? > > 10. *Resurrection* > > Do *you* personally believe that Christ was *physically* raised from the dead. . . that these *our* physical bodies will be raised from the dead? > > 11. *Immortality of the Soul* > > Do *you* personally believe that man has a soul that survives the death of the physical body? > > 12. *Homosexuality* > > Do *you* personally believe that the Bible condemns the practices of homosexuality? > > If he… says it is no worse than any other sin, say you agree but then *add:* Homosexuality, like all sin requires *repentance* (sorrow over sins) and the faithful resolve that, with God’s help, a person can give it up and sin no more. Do *you* agree with that statement? > > Do *you* personally believe that homosexuality is an acceptable alternate lifestyle ordained by God — a gift from God to be celebrated and enjoyed?

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