Help for Sunday School Teachers (and others)

Concordia Publishing House had a regular radio-broadcast interview with Deaconess Pamela Nielsen on the upcoming Growing in Christ Sunday School lesson. That has been replaced with a podcast — an audio show that you can catch on your computer over the Internet. To tune in, go to the CPH podcast page. Some web browsers might automatically know what to do with the podcast link. If yours does not, then you may have to install something like iTunes or Windows Media Player. I use Amarok, which is developed on Linux, but also available for other computer operating systems.

Why are these called podcasts? For one thing, it rhymes with “broadcast,” but more importantly, it refers to the iPod, Apple’s portable media player that seems to be everywhere. With the right software, your computer will automatically load a portable media player with the content of a podcast, so that when you are ready to take it with you, there will be something new to listen to. At Bethany and Concordia, we also use podcasts, containing recordings of recent sermons. In fact, we have about a year’s worth of recorded sermons just waiting for someone to listen through the web. Go to the home page at or, and you will see the links in the left-hand column.

Mother/Daughter BBQ

Our Mother/Daughter luncheon was converted to a barbecue and hosted by the men this year. It was today, in fact. A Big Thank You to the men who prepared and hosted it. I had very little to do with the preparations, since I was on vacation until last night.

At the risk of using up too much precious sermon-writing time this afternoon, here are some photos:

Kitchen Workers

Seated at the BBQ


Grilling for Mothers and Daughters


I’ve spoken to several people about Mormonism recently. Since it’s a topic of interest, and many of us know Mormons who need to hear and believe the Gospel to be saved, you might like to know about an organization that collects, documents, and publishes information about Mormonism. Concordia receives a newsletter from this organization, “Mormonism Research Ministry,” but MRM also has a web site with even more information, at