Being Prepared for Life

We are now in a time of social and political uncertainty. Since we are hearing much advice about preparing for whatever these uncertain times may bring, it’s a good time to think about the priority of any preparations we may make.

Economic or political uncertainty has caused difficulty for everyone, especially businesses, similar to the decade of the 1930’s. However, there have always been uncertainties in the areas of weather, health, freak disasters or tragedies, and most importantly, in the approach of death. Those uncertainties are also easily seen in the history of the Great Depression, but they arise even in the best of times.

There are many ways we can prepare ourselves for the vicissitudes of life, and it is good to give some attention to these preparations. However, all of the preparations we make are themselves uncertain. Some may never be used. Some may backfire. There may be circumstances that we never anticipate, and for which we remain unprepared. The only certain preparation is the one that does not rely upon our work, but relies instead upon God.

As it happens, this one certain preparation in which we rely upon God is for the most difficult problem of all: death. It’s only uncertain in the sense that we don’t know *when* we will die. Yet it’s absolutely certain that we all *will* eventually die. Therefore, we should take advantage of the preparation that God provides for this greatest difficulty.

So if you spend any time at all preparing for what it will take to live your life, make sure to take the time to prepare for your death first. In a way, it’s one of the easiest preparations for us to make, because God does all the work. On the other hand, it’s also one of the most difficult, because our spiritual enemies constantly work to deprive us of the preparations that God has made for us.

To remain prepared for death, whenever it may come, we need to be constant recipients of God’s forgiveness, repenting daily and reprioritizing our days so that we don’t neglect the most important preparation of them all. We won’t be truly prepared to live our lives until we have committed ourselves to be prepared for death. But when we are ready to leave this world at any time, then we will be free to live every day with the contagious joy of God’s forgiveness.

We’ll continue our preparations this Sunday. See you there.