Matins for Everyone

One of the Bible classes planned for this Fall is on Lutheran liturgy, including services like Matins, which belongs to the Prayer Offices. Unlike the Divine Service, Matins is meant to be used on any day, even every day when it’s possible. It may seem strange for a congregation to gather at church every morning, but Matins doesn’t require that. The Prayer Offices like Matins are very adaptable, and can easily be used at home, or wherever you may be in the morning.

Certainly, the interests of the perishing world don’t include a daily break to pray, hear God’s Word, and join with fellow Christians, much less several breaks in the same day. But as Christians, we can remind ourselves of the deep mercy of God that He shows us day in and day out, all based upon the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for the guilt of the whole world. He has not made it mandatory for us to stop now and then for worship. He’s made it possible, and He’s incorporated us by faith into the great body of worshipping saints in both heaven and earth. So why not re-center your mornings with a little Matins?

To help make it easier for us all to use Matins whenever we have the opportunity, I’ve put together a simple worship folder on a single sheet of folded paper that includes most of what’s found in the Hymnary on page 109 and following. The difference is that this booklet shows you which parts you should omit when you are using Matins in a less formal setting. It will still help to have your Bible handy, or even a Hymnary (especially if you want to sing something). The booklets will be available at each church, or upon request.

We will use a very simplified order of Matins for the Sunday School opening at Bethany for both children and adults this year. The whole thing should take 10 minutes, at the most.

You can view the booklet in a PDF reader by downloading it from this web site. If you print the two pages back-to-back, in the right orientation, you will have the whole thing on your own!

Planning for Your Ultimate Future

We have a document available on our church web site in which those who wish may arrange for their last great confession of faith: their funeral service. The document is self-explanatory, but Pastor would be happy to help anyone to understand or use it.

Thanks go to Pastor Samuel Gullixson (formerly our vicar) for the original version. The document may be downloaded from the Members area of our church web site.

The New Financial Peace University Available at Bethany

Dave Ramsey is a radio personality whose show is broadcast through KACI and other radio stations in the Gorge, on weekday evenings. His business is teaching people better ways to manage their money, and he is very good at it. His Christian faith is closely connected to his teaching, but his focus is on teaching about money and the stewardship of our possessions, not on teaching Bible doctrine.

Members at Bethany will be hosting another course of Dave Ramsey’s powerful class called Financial Peace University, on the Saturdays of October and November this year. Each class will start at 7 PM. Since those who have not attended a previous course of Financial Peace University will have to pay for a registration and membership, our hosts can offer a free preview of the course to any who are interested. There will be no obligation to continue the course, but those who attend should be able to decide at that point whether they want to register. Those who registered for a previous course may attend for free.

The Financial Peace University course has been redesigned since the last time it was hosted at Bethany. It now takes only nine weeks instead of thirteen, and there is more guidance and support for the discipline of living on a zero-based budget.

You probably know people whose knowledge and discipline in the management of their money and possessions could stand to be improved. Please consider inviting them to the course that will be hosted at Bethany. There will be invitations cards available, and students can register for the course on the Dave Ramsey web site, or by clicking the image below.

Classes Coming Up

I’ve planned some classes for our churches through the coming school year, and many of them are ready to go right now. We’ve been following the curriculum from Northwestern Publishing House called Getting Into God’s Word for a couple of years now. We’ve seen units on Bible Study Skills , the Psalms, Old Testament Proclaimers, and Major Prophets, as well as the Messianic (New Testament) Age and the book of Revelation. That’s a lot! It’s about half of the whole curriculum. So we’re going to take a break for a little while, for a change of pace.

On the last Sunday in August, Concordia will begin watching the DVD presentation on “Engaging Others with Jesus,” including a potluck lunch. The same presentation will be studied at Bethany on Sundays, beginning on September 8. There will be time for discussion of each segment. The presentation covers the same sessions that were attended by Pastor, Rich and Kathy Kahler, and Coby and Patty Bailey at the Circuit 12 Evangelism Workshop back in May. It was an edifying and inspiring conference, and should be enjoyable and beneficial for any of our members.

At Bethany, our midweek class will begin on Tuesday, September 3 at 7 PM. We’ll start with a 3-part series on the subject of evangelism, with the focus on Jesus. The titles are “Christ for Us,” “Christ through Us,” and “Christ in Us.” Pastor Jacobsen adapted this series from one written this year by Pastor Aaron Hamilton in Utah.

Sunday classes at Bethany will switch back to a study of the biblical teachings in the Large Catechism on October 20. Meanwhile, the midweek class will resume after a short break on October 15 with a new 6-part series written by Pastor Jacobsen on Lutheran worship. This will expand upon the DVD class we have used in the past by Dr. Arthur Just entitled Liturgy, as we consider the history and spiritual foundation of the Lutheran worship practices found not only at church, but also in the home.

On November 26, the Bethany mid-week class will immediately embark upon a 4-part series covering the intertestamental period, the span of about 400 years between the last book written in the Old Testament and the beginning of the New Testament period described in Matthew and Luke. We will pull most of our information from the books of the Apocrypha entitled I and II Maccabees. All our Bible classes will take a break for Christmas.

After the Christmas season, on January 7, Bethany’s mid-week class will start a 6-part series based upon the synod convention essay from last June. The essay is called “Engaging Families with Jesus,” and our class is called “Engaging Jesus at Home.” We will apply some of the things we will have learned from our previous class on Lutheran worship.

In the penitential season of Lent, we will have another 6-part series on Christian Meditation. There is much for us all to learn about this practice, and it shouldn’t be surprising if we come away with a new appreciation for God’s Word, and the comfort of the Gospel.

Finally, we will return to the Getting Into God’s Word series on April 22, the Tuesday following Easter, with a 7-part series on the book of Ephesians.

Throughout this time, our calendar also includes a Confessing Jesus class at Bethany, to be held with a light lunch right after church on Sunday. Unlike last year, the schedule this year calls for holding the class every other week, instead of every week. We will pick that up where we left off, in the 4th article of the Apology of the Augsburg Confession. After that we will return to the Formula of Concord at the end of the book.

All of the classes mentioned above are open to all of our members and our guests, including confirmed youth. If our youth have another interest, please speak to Pastor Jacobsen so that we can arrange a class that will serve their need. The Mary Martha Circle at Bethany will meet monthly, with part of the meeting devoted to a study aimed at spiritual growth. We will have an opportunity to read through and discuss a newly-translated and published biography of Katherine Luther, the wife of Martin Luther. There is a series of related studies prepared and ready to go, together with a reading schedule. Any ladies who may wish to begin reading now can obtain a copy of the book from Pastor.

If the members of Concordia would like to have any of these classes offered in Hood River or Klickitat, it can be arranged. An average attendance of at least three people would be helpful. Of course, any Concordia members are also welcome at the classes to be held at Bethany.

I hope you’re looking forward to the coming season of Bible studies as much as I am!

–Pastor Jacobsen