The New Financial Peace University Available at Bethany

Dave Ramsey is a radio personality whose show is broadcast through KACI and other radio stations in the Gorge, on weekday evenings. His business is teaching people better ways to manage their money, and he is very good at it. His Christian faith is closely connected to his teaching, but his focus is on teaching about money and the stewardship of our possessions, not on teaching Bible doctrine.

Members at Bethany will be hosting another course of Dave Ramsey’s powerful class called Financial Peace University, on the Saturdays of October and November this year. Each class will start at 7 PM. Since those who have not attended a previous course of Financial Peace University will have to pay for a registration and membership, our hosts can offer a free preview of the course to any who are interested. There will be no obligation to continue the course, but those who attend should be able to decide at that point whether they want to register. Those who registered for a previous course may attend for free.

The Financial Peace University course has been redesigned since the last time it was hosted at Bethany. It now takes only nine weeks instead of thirteen, and there is more guidance and support for the discipline of living on a zero-based budget.

You probably know people whose knowledge and discipline in the management of their money and possessions could stand to be improved. Please consider inviting them to the course that will be hosted at Bethany. There will be invitations cards available, and students can register for the course on the Dave Ramsey web site, or by clicking the image below.

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