Happy Hallowe’en!

It was on this day in 1517 that a professor and doctor of the Church posted a list of topics he wished to discuss and debate, concerning abuses and unbiblical additions in the teaching and practice of the Faith. Knowing that the next day (the Feast of All Saints) was a day when all the faithful were obliged to come to church, the doctor posted his list on the door of Castle Church in Wittenberg, electoral Saxony, in what today is southern Germany.

The response surprised the doctor as his posting sparked a reformation of the Church, ridding the abuses and novelties he had noted, restoring the traditional and ancient practice and teaching of the Church Catholic, but causing division from those who preferred the errors in faith and practice, who segregated themselves under the guidance of their pope.

But the Reformation struck a definite blow for the clarity of the Good News of Jesus, in Whom alone is our forgiveness, life, and salvation— in spite of those who would persist in their errors and preferred Rome, or a number of other movements who sought not to reform the Church, but to radically undo and destroy and refashion the Faith.

Remembering the signal spark of the Reformation, the posting of the 95 Thesis, millions of boys and girls this evening will mock the devil (toothless worm that he is), dressing up, and running from door to door, knocking (as Luther knocked his list onto the church door!), and being rewarded with special treats from the adults who cheer on the miracle of the Lutheran Reformation.

Rejoice in the freedom of the Gospel, and give these little Luthers something tasty tonight.

Happy Halloween, you sons and daughters of the Reformation!

From Pr. James Wilson (ELS), in North Bend, originally posted to Facebook.