Dumbing Down Questions about Christ.

C.S. Lewis describes the great Aslan tearing the costume off the child in front of him in one of his books from the Chronicles of Narnia. The child writhes in pain from the razor sharp claws that feel as though they pierce his very being. With mounting intensity, Aslan rips away layer after layer, until the child is absolutely certain he will die from the agony. When it is over with every layer removed, the child delights in the freedom, never before realizing the extra weight of the costume that he carried.

The peace that transcends understanding is not a matter of dumbing down our questions about Christ. My questions often return with a question from God who lets Scripture speak and give me the right questions to ask. Scripture directs me to the questions God wants me to ask because he does promise answers to those questions. The layers of despair and doubt do begin to fall away with transcendent propositional truth given for all people in all generations. Scripture does not return empty. The Word works out our faith by keeping me trusting Christ and his words of promise.

Society continually promotes ‘dumbing down’ with the postmodern thought that there is no transcendent truth. ‘Don’t ask because their are no absolute answers.’ The church is where we can ask and receive absolute objective answers.

Discernment for living in a fallen world takes knowing what Christ is promising and knowing takes asking and knowing what to ask takes the Word where God has chosen to speak to men. Be encouraged to invite friends to hear from God. His words promise to divinely give us the right questions to ask.