Let’s Try Sunday School 2.1

Sunday School is a real challenge for us at Bethany and Concordia. A big part of the challenge is that families with children need to bring them to church on Sunday morning. A second major part is that being a Sunday School teacher is a thankless task, and can be stressful at times. But the most unusual challenge for us is that there is no pastor who can carry out a plan for Sunday School. What? No pastor? I thought we had one of those! Yes, we do, but during Sunday School, he’s away serving the “other church.” It may be comparable to poor Jacob who found himself married to both Rachel and Leah. Jacob knew that a marriage is a lifelong commitment. In his case, there were two lifelong commitments. Not exactly God-pleasing, not the best example for us, but the demands that naturally ensued between Leah and Rachel for their husband’s scarce time might be comparable to our two congregations during their Sunday School hours. Neither one can be entirely satisfied.

So the Sunday School Manifesto previously posted here will be saved for another day. It’s too ambitious for the resources available at Bethany. We’re going to do something a bit different. Two groups: adults and children, with a short-term class of only 4-6 weeks. The first class will be about Creation, dinosaurs, the Flood, and so forth. There will be refreshments, and especially for the adults, a time for visiting. When this is finished, the next few weeks will be preparation for a Christmas program: singing, instrument playing, etc. Come on October 18th if you want to see it from the very beginning, or come on a later Sunday to join the class in progress.

We care deeply about the members of our churches, including their children. So the effort to overcome our challenges and bring us together for continued spiritual growth should be well worth the investment. In fact, why not bring a friend or two with you? 9:30 on Sunday morning for fellowship, 10 a.m. for the start of classes.

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Pastor Jacobsen moved with his family to the Columbia Gorge in January, 2006. He has been a pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Synod since 1998. He resides in The Dalles, serving Bethany Lutheran Church, Concordia Lutheran Church, and Columbia Lutheran School.

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