Prayer Requests

We are asked to include the following people in our prayers:

  • Kathy B., who has stopped her recent cancer treatment regimen due to neuropathy. She is waiting to see what further options her doctor may have.

  • Mindy W., sister-in-law of Susan B. and neighbor of Tom & Linda G. also needs new options and treatment for cancer.

  • Jim M., Julie G.’s Father, is recovering from triple bypass and heart problems. Pray for healing and strengthening of faith.

  • James S., son of Nikki L., is experiencing a resurgence of cancer. Pray for healing and faith.

  • Jan T., friend of Linda G. and Dianna A., is also fighting cancer. Again, pray for healing and faith.

Prayer requests for publication should be submitted in writing to Pastor Jacobsen. There are prayer request cards on the narthex table. Please be sure that the person for whom prayer is requested would not object to their need becoming public knowledge.