“You have made us for Yourself,
O Lord, and our hearts find no peace
until they rest in You.” – St. Augustine


We believe that God created Man in His image (Genesis 1:27), that is, without sin. But man, through disobedience and unbelief, lost this perfection (Genesis 3:6), became sinful and corrupt by nature (Psalm 51:5), and an enemy of God (Romans 8:7). Therefore man is subject to all the consequences of sin and ultimately death (Romans 6:23).

Our churches teach that since the fall of Adam, all who are naturally born are born with sin, that is, without the fear of God, without trust in God, and with the inclination to sin, called concupiscence.  Concupiscence is a disease and original voice that is truly sin.  It damns and brings eternal death on those who are not born anew through Baptism and the Holy Spirit.  (Augsburg Confession: Article 2)

Our churches teach that although God creates and preserves nature, the cause of sin is located in the will of the wicked, that is, the devil and ungodly people.  Without God’s help, this will turn itself away from God, as Christ says, “When he lies, he speaks out of his own character” (John 8:44).  (Augsburg Confess: Article 19)

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